Operational Biotracing

This page is an example of operational biotracing. For more details on the example, please visit here. The example is taken from [1].

Evidence Variables

Listed below are the possible evidence variables. Variables are grouped according to the possible observations. The evidence concerns filler tank observations for ALP concentration, S. aureus concentration and SE concentration.

S. aureus Concentration (cfu/mL) Observation
10^2 < cf
10^3 < cf
10^4 < cf
10^5 < cf
ALP Concentration (mU/L) Observation
Select concentration level
SE concentration Observation
0 < cToxF
0.2 < cToxF
Herd size

Likelihood Ratio Values

The Likelihood Ratio Values p(e|S) / p(e|not S) summarizing source-level inference for the Model describing On-Farm Processing of Milk are computed below. The user should select the appropriate observations above.

CoolFail PE < 1 BoolX

Compute Likelihood Ratios

Press the Compute LRs button below to complete the above table with Likelihood Ratios for the three sources listed in the table

Press the Initialize button to remove entered and computed values and initialise the underlying network


For a demonstration of operational biotracing on a mobile click here.


[1] G. C. Barker and N. Gomez-Tome (2011). A Risk Assessment Model for Enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus in Pasterurized Milk: A Potential Route to Source-Level Inference. Risk Analysis. doi: 10.1111/j.1539-6924.2011.01667.x